Quality Analysis Tools

Use these tools to inspect the quality of your website

PageSpeed Insights uses automated tests to audit web pages for performance, accessibilitity, best practices, and SEO. Scores of 90 and above are considered good.

This service checks web pages for HTML errors. Web pages with error-free HTML are less likely to have cross-browser compatibility issues.

W3C Link Checker inspects websites for broken links. This is useful for large websites that have too many links to check manually.

Tech recommendations

Web services that I use

Cloudflare Registrar

Cloudflare Registrar is my top choice for registering domains. Cloudflare uses transparent, no-markup pricing and does not require any add-on services.


I use 1Password to generate and store all of my passwords. 1Password has a strong reputation for security and works across all major operating systems.

Proton Drive

Proton Drive is a great tool for sharing files securely. All files are protected with end-to-end encyption and can be shared using password-protected shareable links.




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